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27 Mar

This has been a major concern for me and my creative clients, Apple really needs to get off the fence and decide what it’s going to do about the Mac desktop line.


27 Mar

Great article from about extending your iPad’s battery life.

Top Ways to Extend Your iPad’s Battery Life


27 Mar

I just got in my first LG 27” UltraFine 5K 27MD5KA-B display (7680 x 4320), so far so good with the display, but my reason for writing this is not the display. All of our workstations since the G5’s have all had dual displays connected for the artists and this is the first dual display set-up with a 5K and an Apple Thunderbolt display, so it made me remember the Thunderbolt/HDMI bus configuration from my Apple MacPro Late 2013 Qualification training. Make sure when installing multiple displays Don’t connect more than two displays to any bus. Make sure their split between one of the three busses. Also if using HDMI displays you will need an adapter to connect to one of the Thunderbolt ports of another bus. Below is a diagram of the MacPro Thunderbolt bus configuration:

19 Dec

Two very useful and compact multi device charging docks from mbeat® (the GorillaPower 5-Port USB & Power Dock) and Griffin® (PowerDock 5). They both work with multiple device makes and models, and keep things out of the way, centralized, and organized. I personally  use the Griffin® PowerDock 5 in the office and at home. I would recommended it or another devices like it to anyone with multiple device that require regular charging.


unknownGriffin® PowerDock 5d2e46bff11b18aa3e0cdeec5c92d8e99f0e6ce26_main_hero_imagembeat® the GorillaPower 5-Port USB & Power Dock